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Craiglockhart Community Council

120 - 122 Colinton Road - 18/09815/FUL

01/07/2020- we have been advised today that construction work should start this week, on the site of the old Alpha Romeo Garage, Sitting Room pub and Premier Store. It has been a long slog but the developers are finally in a position to instruct the Contractor to start on site. The same contractor will work on both developments at the same time, that does make a lot of sense logistically. So, over 4 years after we received the first notice on the Alpha Romeo site, that caused unhappiness in the community amongst our residents, we should now have a better, more appropriate and less obtrusive development completed by next summer.

30/03/2020 - This development cannot commence because of the current unresolved matter on the Alfa Romeo site. The developer advised on 11thMarch 2020 that completion, “Now looks like May / June 2021, we are ready to go just waiting on the builders contract being signed.”

27/01/2020 - Weather permitting work is expected to start on site in mid February 2020.  Co-op almost signed up, just awaiting the licence Approval. Project should take 12 to 14 months to construct

26/10/2019 - Application for retail unit with 5 flats above approved today. It was a narrow 6-5 in favour and it took some time to get over the line in face of complaints that cycle bays were not on ground floor (they are in the basement) and lack of amenity space (10m2 / flat is usual requirement).

12/02/2019 - Application for the three flats above the two residential premises on 120-122 Colinton Road ie the site of the previous Sitting Room pub and Premier Store has now been approved. We regard this as a good result but feel that CEC may need to address the following - "lack of parking and wrongly skewed parking and the bus stop in front of the commercial properties will need to be re-arranged and the design improved as this needs to optimise the number of vehicles that can safely park, since it can at times be haphazard and overspiiling to inconvenient levels on Craiglockhart Road North and Craiglockhart View. Commuters should be discouraged from parking in the area." 

04/12/2018 - This is a re-submission of previous application (17/03519/FUL) on the site of the former Premier Store and Sitting Room pub, that were demolished. Previously this was supported by Craiglockhart Community Council and we propose supporting it again as it fits in well with the neighbouring usage and street frontage. Submission of comments should be made to CEC by 20 December 2018

10/06/2018  - A surprising last minute withdrawal was made by the Applicant at the commencement of CEC Development Management Committee Meeting on 6th June 2018. The architect subsequently notified CCC that, "Unfortunately I’m unable to go in to any details regarding the withdrawal at the moment." 

26/03/2018 - Revised plans have been proposed by the developer reducing the number of flats from 6 to 3 along with a roofline which is much more in keeping with adjacent buildings. The majority of attendees at our Public Meeting tonight were in favour of the new plans and we will write to CEC with this information.

30/08/2017 - a response has been submitted on behalf of Craiglockhart residents after receiving and taking into consideration all the views & comments that have been expressed.

13/08/2017 An application has been submitted for the demolition of two existing shop units and the erection of a new retail unit and 6 residential units at 120 - 122 Colinton Road which is the site of the former Premier Store and Sitting Room Pub

As a Community Council we wish to represent the Craiglockhart Community as best we can and whilst there is no doubt that development is needed on this site and commercial development at that, there are negatives as well as positive aspects to the development particularly in respect of 116 Colinton Road's 37 unit development that is rejected. 
Some Salient Points include: 

  • Application is by same architects as 116 Colinton Rd (Yeoman McAllister)
  • Applicant - Rutherford Colinton 
  • Landowner - Mr Mohamed,  Eastern Motors, Bathgate. (same landowner as failed development at 116 Colinton Rd we 
  • believe)
  • The design looks to be similar to fit in with the rejected 116 Colinton Rd (e.g. pitched roof such as adjacent properties and in the Lockharton picture would enhance elevational treatment ) - therefore repeat of (subjective) comments on the ugly facade therefore likely to apply. 
  • Notification to neighbours was made to only 16. No commercial neighbours, therefore hardly any of the houses surrounding are otherwise aware of this.

You are therefore recommended to make your comments on the CEC portal or write to the CEC supporting or objecting to the Planning Application by Wednesday 30 August (latest) that is the deadline.
You are welcome to copy us at with your comments in order to enable us to gauge the Community’s views on this and as to any concerns that you may have, to enable the Community Council to respond, other than as individuals ourselves.