30 September 2021
Redford Barracks - from Cllr Andrew Johnston 30/09/21

This is the advice I have received from Council Officers re. Redford Barracks.

“The coverage in the local press this week was really on the back of the draft City Plan 2030 being published and is not a reflection of any announcements/decisions by the Ministry Of Defence.
The position as most recently advised by the MOD is that they anticipate vacating the site by 2025 based on the relocations to Dreghorn etc going as planned. They have carried out some initial assessment work and had envisioned having a strategy for the disposal of the site in place by the end of 2021.
Our colleagues have contacted the MOD to ask if there’s any update on these timescales but we can confirm the site is not currently on the market”

I will be back in touch when we have heard from the MOD. If there has been a change, then I will be requesting that an event is organised with the Council and MOD (similar to a number of years ago), so Craiglockhart residents can attend and have their say. The views and impact on locals has to be paramount

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